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Elman Wall/ Xeinadin

Published on: 31 Oct 2022

Elman Wall were one of Pro’s first and clients, having worked with them since our incorporation back in 2007. We have placed over 60 people within their team and have a great relationship with both the tax and audit teams, as well as the Managing Partner.

Recently Elman Wall became part of the Xeinadin network, which means that instead of being just a small 5 partner firm in London they are now part of a huge UK network that has established itself as a Top 15 firm and they share work with each other.

Speaking recently to the team, we have explored their journey in a little more detail.

Please give a very quick overview of Elman Wall/ Xeinadin and the journey the firm has been on in the last 5 years;

Our journey over the last few years has been transformational. We are swiftly moving from a boutique audit and tax consulting firm to part of Xeinadin Group, which is a Top 15 firm Local presence with National strength. We believe that for both clients and colleagues, we will combine the best bits of being a large firm, together with the best bits of being a smaller firm. It’s a very exciting time with loads of opportunities to develop careers.

Which areas of the firm are you looking to hire in?

We currently are really interested in qualified and experienced auditors, between senior and manager. As a fast growing firm, we are always interested in the right candidate, and often have openings are various levels in our audit and tax teams.

What is the ambition for the firm over the next 3 years? 

Our ambitions are for continued growth of team member and client over the next 3 years. We are a busy firm, and have always won a lot of new work, with very high client retention so there is always more to do. We are always looking to grow and develop our specialist sectors. With the fast paced growth of Xeinadin as a group, our ambitions are to be the leading firm of accountants and advisors to the SME market.

What type of people are you looking for and which people usually succeed in your firm? 

In essence, we look for two main things. Do we think you can do the job we need you to do, and do we think you will fit in with our culture and values? Ideally, we want you to be a good collaborator, communicator and team player, follow direction but can also think for yourself, and be output orientated with excellent client service. A can-do person.

What is the culture like at Elman Wall? 

We are relaxed but professional, empathetic and flexible. Our team really matters to us, as do our clients. Its hard work, but we want you to enjoy the experience.