Looking for a Job? You should use a Recruiter

It's Tuesday 3pm and you can't justify reaching for another donut to satiate the sadness that comes from doing a job you don't love.

Time for a change.

Yeah Google brings up a million options. But how do you make sure your CV isn't flung into eternal nothingness? How do you save your precious time? How do you get your profile seen by the appropriate hiring managers?

A Recruiter of course.

But why? What can a Recruiter do for me that I can't do for myself?

Ah so glad you asked - here is a list:

  1. Recruiters attend briefings regularly so we have access to exclusive information that you won't always find in the job descriptions - like how teams are structured and company culture.
  2. We spend our entire day speaking to clients and candidates – which gives us a clear idea of what the market looks like in real time.
  3. We know the right people and can get your CV seen by the relevant parties
  4. Recruiters are extremely good at negotiating and will work together with you to make sure you get the absolute best offer possible.
  5. We don’t just secure interviews – we support you through the entire process: from prep calls to where to rent if you move to London!
  6. We are absolutely free! Candidates never have to pay for our services - making us a valuable resource.

If you want some help finding your Dream Job - the team at AVTR are always a few clicks away!

Get in touch with us here or drop us an email on av@andrewvinell.com

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