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Tips on how to impress at interview. With the mass of information available on the web, it’s sometimes difficult to navigate through the most important things to get across at an interview. Try this simple 7-point guide.

1.       Values

Make sure you're connecting your own experience with the company's central ethos or goals; recruiters are not only looking for skills and experience, but they are specifically looking for certain personality types.

2.       Details

When you're answering questions during an interview, don’t be vague, this simply won’t do especially in the world of tax or finance. Have a think about some concrete examples from your own experience. Incorporating specific details will boost your credibility and impress your interviewer.

3.       Technical questions

Be prepared to answer some technical questions but don’t be thrown if you feel an answer you gave wasn’t great. Sometimes clients are just looking to explore the boundaries of your technical skills rather than expecting a particular “right” answer. Also, sometimes they like to see how candidates react to a “curve ball” question they don’t expect them to be able to answer.

4.       Be confident     

It's important to be your own advocate. If you find yourself tripping up at any point, take a deep breath and own it, don’t be afraid to start an answer to a question again.

5.       Have a conversation

While we will always say, “preparation is crucial”, it is possible to overdo it. Make sure you're always treating the interview as a conversation and answering questions, rather than reciting anecdotes. You’re only human, so let this come through.

6.       Smile and be enthusiastic

Show some passion and excitement about potentially working with a new employer. If you can't find this within you, you're applying for the wrong job. Be honest with yourself don't waste peoples time if the job isn't really what you're after.

7.       Swot up

This is probably the most important tip, don't skimp on the research. Check up on all resources you can to fully prepare yourself. The more research you do the clearer you will be in own mind what you're looking for in a job and importantly what you can deliver for a new employer.


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