A day in the life of a tax adviser


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Friends and family often ask me what I do when I am at work. The common misconception is that I spend the day completing tax returns, of course, this does form part of any tax advisers role, however, a day at Grant Thornton is filled with so much more...…...

7.00am - Wake up, eat breakfast and get ready for work.

7.45am - Set off on my daily commute into the office.

8.15am - Arrive in the office and check my emails.

8.30am - Prepare for a meeting at 9.30am.

9.30am - Accompany our Tax Partner to a meeting with a potential new client who is looking to exit his business within the next 3 years, discuss possible options and agree to forward a proposal later that day.

11.30am - Return to my desk to work on a report we are preparing for the trustees of an offshore trust, setting out the tax implications of the changes to the capital gains tax rules regarding commercial properties and planning opportunities which they present.

1.00pm - Break for lunch and go to the gym for a 30 minute HIIT session.

2.00pm - Return to my desk and continue working on the report for the trustees.

3.30pm - Leave the office for an introductory meeting with a corporate lawyer at a local coffee shop.

4.30pm - Return to my desk and prepare the proposal as agreed earlier that day.

6.00pm - Leave the office and set off on my 30 minute commute home.

As you can see from my diary entries above, within a single working day I met with a potential new client, completed some technical tax work, visited the gym, met with a new intermediary contact and delivered a proposal to the potential new client.

How many other roles truly offer such diversity?