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  • Covid 19 has been a game changer for the tax profession, it has speeded up the adoption of agile working by accountancy firms, revolutionised the use of online systems for meetings as well as client work and led professional bodies including the Association of Tax Technicians and the Chartered In...
  • There is a Roald Dahl-esque phrase going around - ‘The Great Resignation’.  It was coined by a university professor in Texas*.  His phrase sums up a dramatic trend in the employment market globally which is that people at all levels of society are quitting their jobs.
  • Are you considering taking a tax qualification but aren’t quite sure where to start?  The good news is that there are professional tax qualifications available to suit all levels of knowledge and experience
  • You’ve been psyching yourself up for hours, days even, and now finally the time has arrived to tell your boss that you are leaving. Don’t panic. This is often the worst bit, and it will soon be over.
  • Lockdown changed the working environment overnight. Most of us are still spending the majority if not all of our time working from home. Although this has been an eye opener with many of us now appreciating a far better work/life balance, it isn’t without challenges. What skills should you be imp...
  • Personal branding has never been more relevant. There are various ways to increase and improve your personal branding, making sure you are getting noticed.
  • Receiving a job offer should be a cause for celebration, but it can also be stressful as candidates tie themselves in knots trying to decide whether to accept, or which offer to go for. We are used to guiding people through the decision-making process.