R&D Consultant

An opportunity to work in a diverse team of highly successful tax and industry specialists as part of the business tax advisory team. You will support clients in claiming the Research & Development (R&D) business tax incentives provided in UK. This role will require you to work in close collaboration within a team-based and consultancy environment. The role is ideal for Consultants wishing to use their technical knowledge in a creative and analytical way. If you want to be exposed to exciting R&D initiatives in technology, this role is for you. 

Key responsibilities include:
• Connect with business leaders to discuss their latest projects in fields such as defence, robotics, industrial manufacturing, automotive, chemical production, mining, oil & gas, food & beverages, etc.
• Identify opportunities for claiming R&D business tax incentives
• Write technical project descriptions that detail the client’s R&D activities and how they satisfy the requirements of the applicable business tax incentive

Skills and attributes:
• You must feel comfortable discussing technical themes with clients in a personable and professional manner
• You have the ability to swiftly adapt to and learn about different technologies, such as: defence, robotics, industrial manufacturing, automotive, chemical production, civil engineering, mining, oil & gas, food & beverages.
• You interact readily with technical professionals, have outstanding interpersonal skills and excel in eloquent and concise summary of information
• Strong attention to detail and first-time accuracy is essential
• You have excellent spoken and written formal business English, communicating clearly and concisely in phone calls and via email
• You are proficient in the use of Microsoft Office applications