Corporate Tax Director, Real Estate

The real estate team of this top tier firm are looking to bring on an director who can grow into partnership in a relatively short period of time- the last associate director was earmarked to make partnership within three years. This team have been the success story of the firm after they brought on a dedicated and experienced real estate partner. He needs an effective number two with the ability to support him on the most complex advisory work, develop business and build the team. 

Your clients will include investment funds, large house builders, offshore investors in the UK. As the firm has one of the largest networks outside the Big 4, they have a considerable amount of international work which could take you across borders to see fiduciaries, building estates in Jersey or projects in Qatar. 

Business Development will be a key responsibility.  You will be actively encouraged to build relationships which you can leverage for business development opportunities. It is likely you will start with the internal network to ensure you are included in meetings with prospective clients. This team is puts a lot of emphasis on approaching client’s issues holistically. Therefore, you may be in a meeting with you clients when they bring up some tax issues related to other areas of their affairs and you would be expected to discuss these issues on some level. As the partner rightly said to me, ‘clients buy into a relationship, not a firm’. 

As you move towards partnership, it is important that you bring the team up with you. You will be managing a small team of juniors at different levels of their development and you will expected to act as their mentor. You will have to delegate work to broaden their horizons, disseminate training to ensure they are capable of completing the work and generally support them to maintain a harmonious and happy team! Effectively, you will be a role model for the juniors to show what they can achieve. 

To summarise the benefits:Immediate participation in strategic decision making for the team, fast progression geared towards partnershhip, complex advisory work – similar to Big 4, varied client, responsible for developing junior members of the team.

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