Corporate Tax Senior Job Opportunity

Have you been overlooked?
Does this describe you? You can be reluctant to put yourself forward for a promotion opportunity when it arises, while a less talented peer has no such hesitation.
In other words, you sometime feel that talent does not always get recognised when it should.
I am recruiting for a fast growing corporate tax team that has a track record of advancing its staff.
The role can offer you a fast track to manager.

The firm is a tax focused practice with a verifiable track record of success. The past may not be an absolute predictor of future success, but its certainly a good place to start. 

The tax practice has grown rapidly, but has always recruited ahead of the curve to ensure its staff are not overworked and to be in a position to maximise client wins - this is an accountancy firm that is run like a modern business. 
The clients range from sizeable SME’s to large UK corporates and international businesses.

The typical work the tax team undertakes includes : M&A work including tax efficient structuring and due diligence;corporate reorganisations including demergers and reconstructions;Transfer Pricing, double tax treaties, Property taxation, EMI, ESS, shares plans and share valuations.  

You will take on responsibility for delivering high quality compliance and proactive tax advice to your clients and building relationships that will stand the test of time. 

This is a growing team in need of qualified  people who can also contribute to the direction of team and come to the table with ideas. 

The interview will involve the partners asking you what you would like to do and how you would like to develop. If there are areas you want to explore and do more of, you can. 

Want to find out more? Let me know and I can send you some more details.

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