Personal Tax Supervisor

First class careers are built in top class environments. What makes a place great to work? what makes a firm capable of offering you a decent career with real prospects?

Expertise. If you are the smartest person in the room, you are in the wrong room. Talking from experience, the best professionals who advanced the fastest, have all had mentors they were able to learn from. 

Growth. Fast growing teams offer more options then teams that are growing at a normal rate. Average performance can move you up the ranks in a fast growing team- imagine what you could do as an overachiever?

Resources. If you don't have the technical and financial support to achieve your targets, you will struggle. Great teams understand this and make sure their people have the best resources at their disposal.

Partners. Supportive, friendly partners who actively pay attention to individuals in their team are the only partners you should be working for. Your partners are the most important people at this stage in your career and it’s imperative that you work with partners who have the ability to advance you.

This team gets a lot right. The partners understand that they are not perfect, but strive to create an environment that keeps people happy, motivated and turning up every day with a purpose and a smile.

The private client tax team is growing at a very healthy rate but recruiting ahead of the curve (like all smart teams) to ensure no one is overworked. This a team with several highly qualified tax partners who have some of the best networks in London. You will learn from some of the best and gain exposure to good quality work from day one.

The nuts and bolts of the firm and role…

The firm profile and culture:

  • Large national and international practice.
  • Growing private client tax team that is wining work from referrals and reputation.
  • A practice that has one of the best work life balances - good luck finding many partners wandering around the office beyond 6.00pm. 

The tax team and role:

The private client tax team provides tax compliance and advisory services to a diverse range of clients, including SME’S and high net worth individuals.

As a supervisor you will take on responsibility for a team of tax professionals. You will review the more complex compliance issues and act as a sounding board for issues and queries. You will also be involved in tax technical advisory work, providing support to senior staff and running with your own projects.


There is a business plan in place to grow internal talent and provide the team with leaders in the next 3-5 years. You will be supported in your career and put on a promotion path to senior manager and ( if you want to) partner. 

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