Private Client Tax Assistant Tax Manager

You’re running a race and pass the person in 2nd place. What place are you now?

If you said ‘first place’ then stop reading, this role is not for you. 

If you got the correct answer (spoiler alerts below) then your type of problem solving approach would make you perfect for this opportunity; not just for the technical criteria of the role, but also for the firm’s reigning championship at the local pub-golf-quiz event. 

Do you feel like you’re always coming in 2nd place? 

(2nd place was the correct answer – but you already knew that) 

To come in first place you need support. Perhaps not as much as Lance Armstrong – but you do need a team supporting you to do well.

Why work here?

This is a private client driven practice - over two thirds of their turnover comes from private clients. I have seen professionals entering this firm at a junior level and achieving promotion without the usual ‘red tape’ sometimes found in Big 4 type firms. How? No matter what level, everyone engages with the senior partner team; you’re known and noticed. The partners believe in promoting on merit and not time served. 

Everyone I put in front of this firm comes out impressed and intrigued by the firm. No one comes out disappointed. This practice tends to be of particular interest to professionals working in more corporate driven practices. 

The position and prospects:

The role will involve your dealing with a mixture of advisory and complex compliance work. The majority of the clients you’ll deal with are UK based HNWI’s and non doms. Work is challenging and tends to favour the technically minded. The partners, whenever possible, fit the role to suit the individual. This means you can work in a position that plays to your strengths, but also allows you to gain experience in areas that you have less knowledge in.

As part of the firms management program you will be shadowing senior staff and gaining first-hand insight into all aspects of management. This will prepare you for your move up to manager, which can be achieved in 12 months.

- All professional qualifications are fully funded and supported by the firm. 
- A healthy work/lifestyle balance is encouraged through flexible working
- You start on 25 days annual holiday.
- The firm has a great bonus scheme.