Tax Assistant? Tax Manager? Tax Director? Fed Up Of Looking Through Endless Tax Jobs? Contact us and make an informed decision about moving

I’m sure you’ll agree that your job is an integral part of your life. Not only is it the one of the largest of your time commitments - 35 hours a week (plus), for forty eight weeks a year, for fifty years of your life - it has also become a way in which we define ourselves, our worth and how others view us. 

There comes a point for many individuals when they realise their career isn’t on the trajectory that they want it to be. 

For some this realisation is a gradual process. Each time they take a seat at their desk, their view is a little dimmer. Their work no longer poses a challenge, they are not given responsibility despite proving their abilities, they’re not involved in making decisions and do not feel valued for their input.

For others, it comes as a more sudden realisation. They may have taken a glance around their friendship circle and realised that their friends are somehow progressing at a faster rate despite being equally. Sometimes its as simple as the need for a new challenge and a fresh start. 

However, feeling unfulfilled or restless doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll know what your looking for in your next position. We have known a lot of discontented people who have trawled endlessly through job adverts and then are disappointed when they don’t find that inspiration, that defining moment when their aspirations align and their perfect role jumps out of the computer screen and beacons them forward.

At this point, involving a recruitment consultant can be hugely beneficial. We can provide much more insight than you will find in a job advert. Making an informed decision about moving is important, not just for your current happiness but for your future employment.

All the conversations you have with the consultants at Creative Tax recruitment are completely confidential and so should you decide now is the not the right time to make a move, no one will be any wiser… except you of course! 

To find out if we would be a good fit for you apply to this role and we can schedule a short call to help us learn more about your unique requirements? From there we can decide if it makes sense to set up a deeper conversation.